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Press release archive

In just a few weeks this year will come to an end.

For the GFK 2015 was dominated by two special occasions: In April we celebrated the Oflag’s liberation 70 years ago. This was also an occasion to present the new DVD on the history of the Oflag VI A, the French chapel and the work of the GFK.

In September a new room was introduced to the museum, documenting the camp’s cultural life with all its facets. For this, our French partners kindly provided a variety of documents and photos.

Our book flea markets in the spring and autumn have yet again contributed to improve the GFK’s financial situation. We plan to hold on to these activities in the future.

At the beginning of the advent season our traditional advent’s prayers service was held with vicar André Aßheuer from Welver. The musical accompaniment was provided by Arne and Björn Fischer.
The terrorist attacks in Paris are incomprehensible. We express our deepest sympathy to our French partners. Sadly, due to the horrible events a group of French pupils were forced to cancel their visit with us. The trip has been postponed to another time, because we are all determined to continue to contribute to international relations between countries in a united, free and democratic Europe.

Program for our French visitors 23. - 26. Oct. 2014:

Official welcome in the Burghofmuseum (Soester Anz. 25. Oct. 2014)


Official welcome (photo from pers. collection)


Cultural program: Karin Burghardt welcomes the audience (photo from pers. collection)

Cultural program delivered by the pupils of the Aldegrevergymnasium (Soester Anz. 29. Oct. 2014)




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