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A Memorial under Development

The GFK is going to develop a memorial and an international meeting place, the centre of which is the chapel under the roof of block 3 of the barracks called „Colonel BEM Adam“. This memorial including its manifold approaches (prisoners of war, forced labourers, expellees from the eastern part of Germany) is to be considered as an important stimulus for political information and memory of a part of the local Nazi history. It is the intention to make the former camp for prisoners of war a place of reconciliation and encounter. A “French island” is going to be built up in the Westphalian Soest especially as a sign for the young generation that a culture of memory is indispensable. Traces of history must not get lost, they should be kept clearly.

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Targets of the GFK

  • Presentation of the French Chapel according to the prescriptions for the protection of historic monuments
  • Support of its religious use
  • Research, documentation and publication of the history of the camp and their occupants (prisoners of war, forced labourers, expellees from the eastern parts of Germany) form 1938 up to today
  • Setting up of a memorial and an international meeting place in South Westphalia
  • Promotion of international meetings especially for young people
  • Initiation of scientific works
  • Support of cultural projects in cooperation with creative artists.

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Please join us / Donations

The memorial “French Chapel” needs your assistance. This can be done by membership at a yearly fee of 22.00 € only.

Should you be interested in becoming an active member you are welcome. To build up such a memorial a lot of busy hands are necessary.

Please contact us!



Also donations will support the work of GFK. Receipts will be given on request.

Bank accout for donations

Geschichtswerkstatt Französische Kapelle
2007003 at Sparkasse Soest (bank code 41450075)
IBAN: DE66414500750002007003


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The Executive Committee

Chairwoman: Barbara Köster
Vice-chairmen: Karin Burghardt
Werner Liedmann
Treasurer: Marlies Priebe
Secretary: Jürgen Müller
Assessors: Horst Biembacher
  Anne Hecker
  Jean-Christophe Kling





Gedenkstätte Französische Kapelle Soest
Meiningser Weg 20
59494 Soest